USS Putnam DD-757

USS Putnam DD-757

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Due to the large number of photos being added, thumbnails will not be used. Rather there will be a list of photos and captions providing a link to each photo.

USS Putnam DD757 Photos, with notes written by George Hansen ET1/C 1944-46

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Mount 44
Mount 40 MM
Mount 44 at G.Q.
Mount 24
Mount 24 at G.Q.
Guncrew Mount 43
Mount 43
Fire Room
"Joe" and Keeler, Fletcher, Barber on Kutaka Shima
"Joe" and friends on Kutaka Shima
Kerama Rhetto
Speck, Shiano, Sena, Thiel
LT(JG) Tim Whychell Radio Material Officer
Bob Peacock
Tom Finnigan
Norb (Herk)
Rush & Tom Finnigan
George Hansen
Ski, Rush, Bob
Norb & Rush
L-R Dorrosos, De Lucca, Biscallia, Wiessman
John Refolo
De Lucca
George Hansen in background
Front_George Hansen, middle_John Refolo, Tom Finnigan?, back_Peter Moulthrop
L-R_John Refolo, Tom Finnigan, Joe Finnigan, Peter Moulthrop
L-R_John Refolo, Tom Finnigan, Joe Finnigan, Peter Moulthrop
Joe Finnigan
Tom Finnigan?
Burton Schaible RM1/C, Frank Cava RM2/C, Tom Finnigan RM2/C
Statue Of Liberty
Carver, ????, and Duval
Tim Whychell ridin' the middle rail on Okinawa
Iwo on D plus three
Making torpedo run on chief at San Diego
Off Saipan
Lunga Point
Stern of Japanese BB in Tokyo Bay
Running behind smokescreen on port side for torpedo runs (simulated)
Tokyo Bay with Fujiyama in the background the evening after the typhoon
Bill Campbell
Purdy ready to pass movies
Sandy and Chester at Kerama Rhetto
Gang at Tsuken Shima in Buckner Bay
Hayward, Rhodes, Moncrief, Johnson, Goddard
Goddard, Beatty, Rhodes and Moncrief
Sandy and Chief Gregory
Tsuken Shima beer party
Tsuken Shima recreation area
Commodore G.R.Hartwig in baseball cap on Guam
Street scene Wakanoura
Pennsylvania after being hit by torpedo plane August 12th 1945
Captain Frederick Von Heinholtz Hilles, commanding officer
Mareilli boat Coxswain and Smith GM
Captain Hilles now Comdesdiv 22
LT(JG) Ned Goddard flag communications officer
Fitch F1/C and Burkert CEM
Obviously the results of a beer party
Pichetti QM and Flowers SM
Burkert and Sandy
Chiefs on Kerama Rhetto
Kerama Rhetto
Moncrief CBM Lewis CTM
More chiefs on Kerama Rhetto looking over remains of Japanese suicide boat
Japanese DD's
Shot down "Seascout"
Shot down "Seascout" (OS4C) on China Point in Buckner Bay (Nakagusuku Wan)
Chief Gregory and ENS. Beatty on Jino Shima
Isaac Campbell Kidd II executive officer
Steiber, Schoenmann, Passy, Yeoman
"Windy" Williams, "Tubes" Beatty, Ortelle FC3/C, Yearian S1/C, Smith S1/C
Salvage tugs assisting the Pennsylvania after being hit August 12th 1945
Interior of Okinawa tomb on Tsuken Shima
Hartwig, Kidd, Case, Lefelar
Kidd, Commodore, and Case
Tori shrine outside Wakanoura
Ruins of Yokosuka
Kerama Rhetto cave where suicide boats were kept
Gang on Kerama Rhetto
More characters on Kerama Rhetto
"Somebody talked"
Tokyo Bay
U.S.S. New Jersey
Flint veering off after high speed fueling alongside
U.S.S. Rescue leaving Wakayama with re-patriated POW's Sept. 1945
Japanese battleship Nagato in Tokyo Bay
LT(JG) Alderman
Okinawa tomb on Tsuken Shima
Case and Kidd
Puny P at Buckner Bay
Buckner Bay
Officers with Tim in the foreground
Kidd and Case
Simulated torpedo attacks in East China Sea
Mail Barge at Iwo Jima
Japanese living room (joke)
Hecht and one of the Plebians of Kutaka Shima
Torpedo attack by TBM's in Monterey Bay
Signal drill
Gwin relieving us on radar picket, she got hit next night
Firing at Sleeves
Mount three and 25 group at GQ
Boswell and Hecht in the "Snobs' Saloon" at Wakanoura
Waitresses at the "Snobs' Saloon" at Wakanoura
Dischargees going to the Wann at Wakanoura Yost, Winians, Beadell, Schacter, Boberg, Gollee
Japanese shipyard Yokosuka
Lemon in front of tomb on Tsuken Shima
Sander LT.COM., Rogers CRE, Hayward LT(JG), Rogers LT(JG)
"E" division dischargees Gromenger, Schacter, Waters
Fueling from the Flint
Flint, Anti-Aircraft Cruiser
Boswell, Whychell, Duval, Chester CPHM, Rhoades CQM
"The black snake"
LT.COM. Lemon
Whychell, Sayre, Duval, Kueffel, Lemon, Carver
Lemon, Carver, Sayre, Whychell, Duval, Wakanoura Wan
CPHM Chester receiving letter of commendation from Captain Louis Lefelar for outstanding work during the rescue of the Twiggs' survivors
Chester receiving letter of commendation from Captain Lefelar
New York skyline
Statue Of Liberty
Chief Fire Controlman Pursely
Kerama Rhetto
Recreation area Kerama Rhetto
Duval, Lemon and some "skivvie scrubber"
Starboard Screw at drydock at San Diego
Replacing Starboard Screw in drydock at San Diego
Captain Hilles
Chester CPHM, Burkert CEM
Cenci BM1/C on Kerama Rhetto
Kerama Rhetto off Okinawa
Other ships of the Squadron in Wakanoura Wan
Engineering Division and ENS. Sayre
Engineering Division and ENS. Sayre
Heist FC3/C on Kutaka Shima
Pennsylvania pumping water after being hit August 12th 1945
Pennsylvania pumping water after being hit in Buckner Bay
Pennsylvania after being hit
Captain Lefelar and Carl Sander X.O.
Wollin, Hayward and Smith
LT(JG) William A. Campbell, Jr. COMM OFF
Bill Campbell and Tim Whychell
Banton and other dischargees
Tori Shima. while acting as air-sea rescue between Japan and Okinawa we went in close to investigate for possible downed American pilots.
Fishing boat in Wakanoura Wan
Other half of Japanese BB in Tokyo Bay (see Putn-047 for stern)
Destroyer Tender in Wakanoura Wan U.S.S. Cascade (AD16)
U.S.S. New Jersey
Mascot Monkey on YMS in Wakanoura Wan first night we were there with New Jersey
Damaged Japanese DD
Landing craft
Kerama Rhetto
Chiefs and Sandy Kerama Rhetto
Alderman, Brown, and Hayward
Kerama Rhetto
Kerama Rhetto
Chief Gregory
Chief Chester
LT(JG) W.R.Johnson on dock patrol at Wakanoura
Coming down the slot to Wakayama
ENS. Boswell supply officer
Alderman ass't eng. off.
Kerama Rhetto
First LT. P.L.R. Duvall
Kerama Rhetto
USS Gwin (DM33) at San Diego
Condenser tubes removed for scaling
Kerama Rhetto
Antisub patrol taking picture of highspeed fueling operation
Focsle of the Flint
Captain Lefelar and I.C. Kidd II
"Doc", Case and unidentified friend
Wakanoura Wan
Engineering officer LT McEwan
Village of Wakanoura and Liberty Dock
Goldbraid overlooking Buckner Bay
Seascouts over the East China Sea New Jersey in the background
Family on Kutaka Shima
Wakanoura from the Putnam
Osaka railroad station
Japanese suicide boats
Dykeman EM2/C at main board
Tactical drills off Okinawa
Apra Point, Guam
Apra Point, Guam
British destroyer entering Tokyo Bay
Chief Boatswains mate Moncrief
Passing the sound powered phone during a fueling operation
New Jersey following three minesweepers coming up the slot to Wakanoura Wan, we're in front. Sept. 15, 1945
Johnson,Beatty, Kidd, Pursely, Lamb, Lewis
Evolovski, Knight, Gregory, May, Burkert, Poweroy
Allan S. McLellon after being hit in head by 20MM barrel fragments. Whychell administering anesthetic August 27, 1945
Waitresses at the club at Wakanoura
Burkert CEM Pomeroy CMM Moncrief CBM
Joe Shovlin (Captain's Talker)
Colhoun (DD803) veering off, later hit at Iwo Jima
Lying off Iwo
"Hollywood" cruiser in Buckner Bay
Coming alongside to fuel from the U.S.S. California (BB44)
Purdy coming alongside
Purdy falling back
Putnam with California in background
New Jersey (BB62) going into Wakayama
British country class cruiser HMS Norfolk
Australian light cruiser HMAS Hobart
Signal gang
Signal gang
First Division
Signal gang
HMS Norfolk
Deck Force and Tenyen
Second Division
Signal gang
LT Duval receiving Bronze Star from Commodore Hartwig
Dillard, Gregory and Knight
Coding Officer "Wild Bill" Nason
CQM Rhoades
Ass't First LT. Hayward from Pasadena
A. U. Dillard CRM
Couple of the girls on Kutaka Shima
House on Kutaka Shima
House on Kutaka Shima
Sayre on Kutaka Shima
Beach at Kutaka Shima
Sayre and Beatty
Kutaka Shima "L" day plus 108
Pennsylvania pumping water after being hit in Buckner Bay on the night of August 12th 1945
Kueffel, Sander, and Alderman
Okinawa tomb on Tsuken Shima
LT Campbell and Kidd
Change of command
Change of command ceremonies Buckner Bay Captain Louis Lefelar relieving Captain F.V.H. Hilles
Old Squadron Insignia on #1 stack
"C" Division on starboard quarter
Crew massed on Focsle for change of command
Change of command
Captain Frederick Von Heinholtz Hilles
Bow of the Tennessee with the "Prune Barge" in the background
Supply Division and ENS. Boswell
Boswell on a buying spree in Wakanoura
Carver and brother
Port Screw in drydock at San Diego
Lagoon on seaward side of Kutaka
Natives on Kutaka Shima
"O" Division
"E" Division
Ordnance Division with LT(JG) Johnson
Japanese prisoners on Kerama Rhetto
Putnam (DD757)
LCVP taking us to Kutaka Shima
Strong and Purdy on exercises outside Okinawa
20MM exploded barrel that severely injured Allan McLellon. August 27, 1945
Farm on Jino Shima, Wakanoura Wan, Japan
05 Bilge keel in drydock at Dago
097 ENS. Sayre on Kutaka Shima
180 Offerman, Flowers, Fritschile
"E" Division
Japanese foxhole on Kerama Rhetto
Flag allowance and LT. Case
More chiefs on Kerama Rhetto
Engineering Officer LT. COM. McEwan
Hickman SC1/C
? Wakanoura Wan, Japan
"DOC" Brown with the cigarette, Carl Sander in the center
Japanese fisherman in Wakanoura Wan
Joe Finnigan
John & Lord only knows who
"Ten-Yen" six weeks old with May CCS
Cape Gloucester in Buckner Bay
McEwan, McVey, Duval, Nason, Sander, Carver, Hilles
Suribachi on "Bloody Iwo"
Statue Of Liberty
Burkert, Sandy and Gregory
Beatty and Case
20MM exploded barrel that severely injured Allan McLellon. August 27, 1945
Kerama Rhetto
Gregory, Beatty, Johnson, Pursely
Chief Gregory
Cenci "stewed"
LSM used for liberty at Okinawa
Chief Moncrief after receiving Navy and Marine Corps medal for rescue work during Twiggs action
Pennsylvania, the morning after being hit
U.S.S. New Jersey
Two DD's of the Squadron
U.S.S. Massey (DD778)
Tokyo Bay with A.A. Cruiser San Juan in background
Three other cans in the Squadron coming home
Coming down the slot to Wakayama
One of the seascouts off the New Jersey
two more DD's of the Squadron
YMS in Wakayama
Tokyo Bay
British "Tin Can"
Mount Plasma
Washington at Iwo through the fog
Bytner SM1/C, Beadell RDM3/C, Inge CSOM, Winians RM3/C
Kerama Rhetto
Sandy and Chester
Gregory CMM, Slack CWT, Knight CMM, Burkert CEM, Evolovski CWT
"Wild Bill" Nason, "Junior" Carver, "Philippe" Duval
Fueling from Flint (CL97) at 25 Knots
Fuel line from Flint
"casualty" fueling from Flint
Putting the fuel line across for high speed fueling operation
Geo. Blair, Tim Whychell and Tubes Beatty
Flint (CL97)
Fujiyama from Tokyo Bay
Apra Point entering harbor at Guam with Army early warning radar on cliff
Arnold and Hecht in director
Colhoun (DD803)
U.S.S. Gwin (DM33)
Taking fuel at high speed
Fujiyama from Tokyo Bay
Purdy veering off
U.S.S. Putnam (DD757) calling a DE by means of signal flags
Putnam with the Denver in the background
"C" Division with yours truly last man in second rank (George Hansen)
Stern of the Putnam
Throttle board
In Wakanoura Wan after a new paint job
Replacing starboard screw in San Diego after a submerged cable was struck.
L-R Norb, Joe Finnigan, George Hansen
George Hansen up next to antenna
Back L-R_ George Hansen, Peter Moulthrop, front L-R_Tom Finnigan,Joe Finnigan
Peter Moulthrop


Print# was stamped on photo back, is a fairly good way to put them in chronological order. A "b" in front of the number indicates stamp was blue in color, probably means nothing. Some numbers such as "910K" or "256K" refer to lot#, so all photos with "910K" were on the same roll.

My father George Hansen passed May 2009. I, as many others, always thought that their father took these photos during their service on the Putnam. I would very much like to know who took all these photos. I can say this, that all through the 1950's my dad usually had at least two cameras hanging around his neck. Most likely, the photos were taken by a ship photographer.

Any corrections to this list would be very much appreciated. You can email them to me Eric Hansen,

The photos were scanned at approx 1040x1600 pixels in TIF format then converted at 84% quality to JPG. This size was chosen so the photos would display well on flat panel TV's and computers.